The Second Conference



Magic Show at the Wintergarten Variety

Workshop: How to catalogue books, documents and other collectors‘ items.

Excursion to Dresden

Late Night Magic Show



  1. 1.Bill Palmer

    Cups and Balls

  1. 2.Peter Schuster

    Horster Catalogues

  1. 3.Rüdiger Deutsch

    Reproductions of

    Horster  Apparatus

  1. 4.Waldemar Horster

    Conradi Horster

  1. 5.Peter Rawert

    Magic in the Age of


  1. 6.M.u.M. Habermann

    Who was „Mulack“?

  1. 7.Kay  Talmi

    Turn your library

    into PDFs

  1. 8.Volker Huber

    Horster the author

  1. 9.Véronique Faber

    The great Alex Weyer

  1. 10.Paul Freeman

    Adalbert Frikell: His life

    and times in England


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