The Fourth Conference



Street performers at Covent Garden

An Evening at the Savage Club

Charing Cross Theatre: The Magic of the Magic Circle

Magic Lantern slide performance at the Hackney Empire



  1. 1.Charles Greene

    Who was Ionia

  1. 2.François Bost

    New revelations about

    Guiseppe Pinetti

  1. 3.Peter Lane

    Professor Anderson

  1. 4.Matt Field

    Karl Fulves

  1. 5.Flip Halema

    Gastro Magic

  1. 6.John&Anne Davenport

    The Maskelynes

  1. 7.Ken Trombly

    Collecting the „H‘s“

  1. 8.Vanessa Toulmin

    Edwardian Film and Magic

  1. 9.Peter Schuster

    Magic of Dr. Rohnstein

  1. 10. Jacques Voignier

    Early Magic Dealers in

     France prior


  1. 11.Wittus Witt

    Magic Periodicals

  1. 12. Daniel Rhod

    Cardsharpening in France

  1. 13.Bill Spooner

    Inexhaustivle vessels

  1. 14.Pierre Taillefer

    Conjuring Arts in the

    Islam Middle Ages

  1. 15.Chris Woodward

    Maurice Fogel

  1. 16.V. Huber&R.Deutsch

    The Billard Ball Stand

  1. 17.Stéfane Laurrens

    New Magic Paintings from

    the 14th to 20th Century

  1. 18.Paul Kieve

    Legendary Magicians at the

    Hackney Empire



Get together at the Magic Circle of London

A look into the Magic Circle’s museum