The First EMHC




Exhibition: Antique Magic Sets

Guided Tour of the „Musée des Arts et Métiers

Trip to Blois and Saint-Gervais (Home of Robert-Houdin)

Evening Dinner and Jan Madd show on the barge METAMORPHOSIS

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DATES  10 - 12 June 2005

PLACE  Paris · Blois


  1. P.Albanèse,

  2. P.Firaut,

F. Goyer,

G. Naudet,

  1. Q. F. Voignier,

  2. R.J. Voignier

The French organizers

1. Roxy (†): Rare Tricks of Magic performed in Middle Ages

2. John Gaughan: History of Robert-Houdin‘s Trapeze Automaton „Diavolo“

3. Jacques Voignier: False Automata for Magical and Theatrical Purposes

4. Pierre Albanese: The  Funfair Parade - Magic Lantern Show

5. Friaut et Goyer: Magic and Cinema

6. Volker Huber: Emile and the development of the Learned Swan

7. Daniel Rhod: Cardsharping in France

8. Frank Debouck: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: Inventeur et magician

9. George Naudet: The Conjurer in the 19th Century Imagery