The Third Conference



Trip to Piatnik Playing Card Company

Visit to the artefacts of Compars Herrmann

Visit to the Belvedere Museum

See also here: Vienna


  1. 1.GD Lötsch

    Magic and Science

  1. 2.Magic Christian

    The Great

    Compars Hermann

  1. 3.Hr. Augustat

    The Hermann Collection

  1. 4.Brigitte Felderer


  1. 5.Bill Kalush

    From old magic books

  1. 6.Pierre Tailefer

    New texts from

    East and West before 1584

  1. 7.Jonathan Allan

    Magic and

    Contemporary Art

  1. 8.David Paton-Williams

    Katterfelto: Prince of Puff

  1. 9.H. Holzhey u. R. Baum

    Magic Lantern

  1. 10.Andreas Ban

    Goethes Magic Box

  1. 11.Paul Freeman

    Names to conjure with